Who r u?

Hi, I’m Claire, a 23 yo currently based back home in Essex (‘Just outside London’, but really). I recently returned from 4 years in Scotland (‘1 hour from Edinburgh’, pfft) where I studied Art History and Philosophy.

In the words of Phoebe Buffay, ‘I don’t even have a pl-‘, but I’m figuring it out one publicly-documented mare at a time through adventure, disaster, and ‘freelance content production’ (*nod along*). When I’m not getting rejected by Christmas elf recruiters or mourning my maintenance loan, I’m on an Art & Design course, learning French and German, and plotting my escape.

I like to travel and write and read and attempt to do creative stuff. I am bad at all of these things and that’s what makes joining along for the ride worthwhile: this is one space online where comparing yourself to le blogger will IMPROVE your self-esteem! I care v much about plants and animals (humans too, kind of) and tend to overshare on all things personal, most frequently: my critically-endangered dating life, solo global misadventures, and long-lasting love affair with sweet, sweet caffeine.

On that note, I’m a chronic insomniac, which I refuse to accept is related. It’s probably a symptom of some larger mental illness, but since I’m yet to receive a diagnosis I really vibe with, I, for now, self-identify as fine. My mind can overflow sometimes with thoughts, feels, and mems I need a space to spill, and, lo: welcome (I’m sorry) to my blog.

What r this?

This is my blog, which had a golden age before deadlines ruined my life. Gd times. It’s p much just my online diary so the general genres are personal memoir, travel, and down-to-earth, honest lifestyle. If you’re after more order/structure… you’re in the wrong place. I run on chaos and it on me. But, if you really insist:


Ramblings on my intense & plentiful thoughts n’ feelings
Lil collection of things I’m obsessed w (Michaela Coel, meme, and weird art heavy)
Journalings of my travels (40 countries solo so far!)


☾ Art ☽ Mental Health ☾ Travel ☽
☾ Ethics & Equality ☽
☾  Sustainability & Animal Welfare ☽
☾ Sex Positivity
☾ Comedy Coffee ☽

Why the bear?

That’s Burgundy, who I rescued from a skip in 2015. Disgusting, I know. Who would put her in a skip?!

Where else you can find me!

Yup. Small but ubiquitous. I’m working on expanding this list but here are some of the other projects I’m involved in and other places I’ve been published so far.


Email: clairecantsleep@gmail.com

Twitter: @clairecantsleep

Instagram: @clairefogs

Instagram Stories

You might have noticed me going on and on about Instagram stories, which is a kinda weird thing to go on and on about. Basically, this is where I share every detail of my life, and people tend to laugh at me.

Probs a bit of a marmite thing but I have had some v kind reviews. Pls gimmee a follow if your feed needs a touch more honesty, oddness, and unfiltered failure.