Hi, I’m Claire, a 22 year old Philosophy and Art History student from Essex, living in Scotland. When I’m not purging my overdraft for vodka funds or skipping lectures to jog by the sea, I love to write, travel, and discover quirky cafes. In the words of Phoebe Buffay: “I don’t even have a pl-“, but I’m figuring it out one publicly-documented mare at a time through adventure, disaster, and art. So far, I’ve; bungee jumped in Costa Rica, volunteered with elephants in Thailand, taught English in France and China, and worked in a Dublin-based vintage boutique.

Though I like to try to sound cool, here, the site name gives me away: I have an overactive mind, a coconut-caffeine-beverage addiction, and a few too many thoughts and feelings. This is partly my space to make sense of the madness but an expressive outlet, too, on an Input-Output basis. I collect things I love in ‘Inspiration’, and jot down what I learn from my ‘Experiences’, hoping these’ll lead to some clearer thoughts in ‘Philosophies’ and maybe some masterful ‘Creations’.


‘Claire Can’t Sleep’ is long-overdue a HUGE renovation I’ll be taking some time on when my degree ends. You’ll probably notice the site’s been through multiple stages, from beginning as a uni application/gap year advice blog to a travel-centric phase to a hiatus, right now. At the moment there’s an eclectic mix of content from the archives and some very inconsistent design/branding on display (even if some of those homemade cover pics from 2016 are kinda cute). Watch this space, though, because it’ll be evolving into something much more up to date, coherent, and relevant to where I’m at now soon!