So, this is Koh Sok. As you can see, she’s pretty beaut. A lake-based national park buried deep in the south of Thailand, she can be a bit of a trek to get to, but it totally pays off.

The only accommodation are these chill lil’ huts that float on the water, with nothing but two mattresses on each floor. I shared with an Italian roommate, Ele. There’s also a central platform for food, taking off for boat trips, and jumping into the water from the diving board! I managed to get some shots of Gillian, in motion, but there are no pictures of me doing this because I just climbed to the top, said ‘nope’ and climbed back down.

When I wasn’t passively and safely watching others complete challenges, I joined them swimming, kayaking, and swimming to kayaks, at every hour of the day.

Sadly, I don’t model quite as well as Gillian – who never stops laughing. Maybe one day, when the braces are off, I’ll smile a little closer-up!

WARNING: Lakes = Leeches!

I claim to be a friend to all animals bar ONE exception: leeches. All animals can be saved except for them, they are devil-creatures and should be obliterated from the face of the Earth, at all costs. Have you ever come into contact with a leech? If no, keep it that way! We were silly enough to kayak over to this island we’d been told not to kayak to (oops) at sunset, and wander – very wet – through some luscious, long grass to find the bank on the other side. Unbeknown to us, this grass contained a plethora of leeches, gazillions of whom attached themselves to me! They are these horrible faceless little wriggling things that bury themselves into your skin – what makes it worse is that you can pull and pull at them and they DON’T come out and you’re left screeching because you think you may have leeches inside you, forever! Luckily for me, Ele told me to ‘calm the f*ck down and stop f*cking screaming’, and just pulled much harder and got them off. I still woke up all night, though, from hallucinations that I had leeches all over my legs.

We only had a total of two days at Koh Sok, and we spent the second on a boat trip through the park. Our amazing guide made us bamboo bracelets (I still have mine on, today, 18 months on) from wood he’d chopped down, and we climbed to the very top of a hill for a stunning view. We then motorboated about, spotting monkeys, and rare birds, in the trees, before stopping for a last-chance swim.

Word of advice: whilst jumping off of these boats may be worth it for a quick thrill/action-packed Insta post, if you, like me, are 5ft2, realise the burden of your 26 inch legs, and contemplate how difficult it will be to get back on. I skirted the edge for about 25 minutes before a total of 3 people hauled me up, each taking one limb, and when they finally managed the boat tipped so much that I knocked someone out, on the other side.

Worth it for the swim.