One of the places I really wanted to see before leaving Thailand was Doi Inthanon National Park in Chiang Mai. The main reason for this, besides its stunning waterfalls and cute fluffy caterpillars (which are apparently very poisionous – don’t try to ‘cuddle’ them, you will have this shouted at you by park guides), was to see the King and Queen pagodas, located close to the top of the park (but not the very top – as this is the highest point in Thailand!). Unfortunately, being me, I decided to try to ‘see’ these in Monsoon season, and visited on a day where they were invisible.

What this did mean, however, was accidental aestheticism! Hooray! The park provided bright blue umbrellas which luckily worked in harmony with the pagodas’ purple designs. The rain was not gentle by any stretch of the imagination – I can remember this umbrella blowing right out of my hand about two seconds after these were taken, and us all having to run indoors, absolutely drenched, for shelter.

This was yet another day tour, but with an added bonus: I overslept and woke 5 minutes before the bus was due, so did this entire trip with unwashed hair and in my pyjamas! Comfy, but not the warmest in this weather. These were taken by a Kiwi girl I befriended over lunch, who, despite the storm, agreed that we couldn’t miss the opportunity of a perfect colour-scheme photoshoot. I actually think the massive blurry raindrops all over the lens add to the effect.

One more glorious bonus? Monsoon season waterfalls are the lushest.