Who r u?

Hi, I’m Claire, a 24 yo overthinker currently just about managing to be based in Hackney, London. I recently returned from 4 years in Scotland where I studied Art History and Philosophy.

In the words of Phoebe Buffay, ‘I don’t even have a pla-‘, but I’m figuring it out one publicly-documented mare at a time through adventure, disaster, and ‘freelance content production’ (*nod along*). When I’m not getting rejected by Christmas elf recruiters or mourning my maintenance loan, I’m taking some Art & Design courses, learning French and German, and trying to recover from everything that has ever happened.

I like to travel and write and read and attempt to do creative stuff. I am bad at most of these things and that’s what makes joining along for the ride worthwhile: this is one space online where comparing yourself to a blogger might improve your self-esteem! I care v much about plants and animals (humans too, kind of) and tend to overshare on all things personal, most frequently: my critically-endangered dating life, solo global misadventures, and long-lasting love affair with sweet, sweet caffeine.

On that note, I’m a chronic insomniac, which I refuse to accept is related. It’s probably a symptom of some larger problem, but since I’m yet to receive a web-diagnosis I really vibe with, I, for now, self-identify as fine. My mind can overflow sometimes with thoughts, feels, and mems I need a space to spill, and, lo: welcome (I’m sorry) to my blog.

What r this?

This is my blog, which had a golden age before deadlines ruined my life. Gd times. It’s the digital version of a column I used to write, on: me, my experiences, and the musings that keep me up at night.

Its evolved into a site along the lines of Personal Memoir with a pinch of Travel plus less-than-luxury Lifestyle, whilst hopefully upholding my original quest to be down-to-earth, genuine, and fomo-free online.


Ramblings on my intense & plentiful thoughts n’ feelings
Lil collection of things I’m obsessed w (Michaela Coel, meme, and weird art heavy)
Journalings of my travels


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Why the bear?

That’s Burgundy, who I rescued from a skip in 2015. Disgusting, I know. Who would put her in a skip?!

Where else you can find me!

Yup. Small but ubiquitous. Head over to Work With Me for other projects I’m involved in, or get in touch.


Email: clairecantsleep@gmail.com

Twitter: @clairecantsleep

Instagram: @clairefog

Instagram Stories

You might have noticed me going on about Insta stories, which is a kinda weird thing to go on about. Basically, this is where I share every detail of my life, and people tend to laugh at me.

Probs a bit of a marmite thing but I have had some v kind reviews. Pls gimmee a follow if your feed needs a touch more honesty, oddness, and unfiltered failure.