This is my blog, which had a golden age before deadlines ruined my life. Gd times.                                                              It’s the digital version of a column I used to write on me, my experiences, and the musings that keep me up at night.

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You might have noticed me going on and on about Insta stories, which is a kinda weird thing to go on about. Basically, this is where I share every detail of my life, and people tend to laugh at me.

Probs a bit of a marmite thing but I have had some v kind reviews. Pls gimme a follow if your feed needs a touch more honesty, oddness, and unfiltered failure.

 ‘God your stories are hilarious. You always make me LOL.’ @chachipowerproject
‘I like the combination of aesthetic feminism and drunken adventures’ @euan_rainey
 ‘I SO look forward to your stories, they make me laugh SO much’ @amara_968