People love to ask me what my blog is ‘about’ and I love to change to the subject.

Its been very hard to come up with a blog ‘theme’ or ‘niche’ because I tried to get back into blogging during the pandemic, when I had pretty much nothing to write about. I was getting out of bed, doom-scrolling through Indeed all day, waiting for my parents to come home to weep in front of Boris with and then going back to bed. In the months we were allowed to leave the house I was sporadically employed (usually to be fired, again, within weeks) or treated myself to a daily walk to our local Costa for a soy latte I was funding with Universal Credit. Such an Instagrammable time…

Things have, slowly, turned around and I find myself amidst new beginnings. I’ve – at long last – sourced some stable employment, moved out of my parents’ home and into a London house share, and started a Masters degree. It seems like, suddenly, there’s a lot more to say. It feels like, finally, the right time to be writing.

I have always, essentially, wanted to blog about my life. I want a space to share stories and anecdotes, then explore what I feel they’ve taught me and muse on the broader points they’ve brought to mind.

It is hard to define a blog like this, though, before you’ve started it. It’s like trying to write the blurb before you’ve written the book. I know I could call it a ‘lifestyle blog’ or a ‘personal column’ or something along the lines of Memoir, but anything more specific is still evolving, since I am only 24 and in the process of almost-everything taking shape. I can’t fully say what type of ‘lifestyle’ blog this will be because I still can’t really tell, yet, what type of life I’m going to lead.

So, the conclusion I’ve come to is this: it’s a personal blog about trying to find my way. It’s an open-ended account of trying to figure out what I’m doing and working through the anxieties, mistakes, and embarrassments involved in that process. I’m hoping it’ll become a collection of stories about my 20-something life in London, eventually including answers to the questions keeping me awake.

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