Alison Zai is a comic-maker and artist I’ve been following on every social media platform possible, for years, now. I mostly began following her due to several all-too-apt depictions of all-nighters (particularly relevant during my degree) and self-aware jokes about the struggles of the creative process, but have come to realise her oeuvre is much broader and found she has seen me through multiple crises beyond my university years.

My favourite thing about Zai’s humour is how many little touches she adds to create a scene of self-sabotage and emphasise how silly this is – her protagonist (often the pink bunny) is usually procrastinating, up at ungodly hours, wasting time doing something ridiculous, or going about tasks in the most unnecessarily bizarre way. In the snap above, for example, it is unclear why the bunny is up at 3am, drinking a lemon directly through a straw, with a definition of wood up on the screen, and yet I find this all of this far too familiar.

I absolutely love her style. Colour is something I find really hard to work with, whether that’s putting on matching socks or trying to make ‘art art’, so I think her use of bold, complementary, and often clashing colours is a brave move that pays off. I like how the use of primary colours adds to the overall childish style which all contributes to the final message of feeling like not a lot is getting done, not a lot is getting done effectively, and managing adult life, as a whole, isn’t really working out how we’d planned.